Keep calm, it's Christmas soon!

With Vallu being a little super star during our AF lesson on Monday, I've been overly cautious with him this week. He really worked his socks off and it felt like he was having fun as well, so on Tuesday morning after the saddle fitting I had a rather grumpy-cos-he-was-tired Vallu. I think he'd expected a hack out or a lunge or a day off and instead he got another ride in the indoor. Poor pony, get a new saddle fitted is hard ;) 
So Wednesday was a day off, followed by a in hand work session on Thursday. Vallu was in a great mood, and so convinced me to ride him today bright and early in the morning.But when I got there, I wish I'd managed to capture a photo of his face when he saw me... A stark contrast to his normal whinny/came to the door, he seemed to look at me, think WTF and then close his eyes. It was only after some polos emerged near his nose did he open his eyes again :D
A little bit of de-spooking...
Now that I'm gone for a bit Vallu gets to take it super easy. We're trying a new tactic, of very little work just to keep him sane but with the aim of giving his brain and body a holiday over Christmas. And after Christmas we have a couple of easy weeks getting used to the new WOW saddle. It felt great to sit in, but I can feel my body going "this isn't normal" and I think a couple of weeks of easier work will do us good before we attempt anything more advanced.
 So from Vallu the biggest Christmas wishes to all our readers! The next posts will be from back home and the other ponies will take over the blog :) 
He's just SO pretty

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