Christmas break

Woah, can't quite believe I haven't blogged in 8 days. I've taken a much needed break/holiday from the rest of the world, and have been cocooned in my own little world with my family dogs and horses
Christmas went past in a blur, but we all got very spoilt. As much as I love getting and giving presents, the most important thing to is have the family all together especially since at the moment we are spread across three different countries... We had to have it on the 20th in order to have the whole family together, so whilst other people are only now just able to start their post-xmas relaxing, we've been stress free for over a week now.

I was fortunate to be able to ride nearly every day, and I got to have a go on all of the ponies ♥︎ They're all doing great, even Nelli who will be 21 soon! Riding Basse is always good for my soul, riding him is so easy cos I know all of his tricks and evasion tactics :P It's a nice change to not have to be 100% concentrating on what is going on around us to be able to predict the next spook and to just ride. But saying that, riding other horses does make me realise how very special Vallu is, and how much he has taught me along the years. Can't wait to get back to him.

We were also blessed to get a white Christmas. Last year I was bitterly disappointed to have a wet cold and grey Christmas, so this made this year even more special. It made for some stunning views, such as these...

Boxing Day walk
Hope you've all had a relaxing and lovely time with your families and friends over Christmas! 

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