Bouncy pony

You gotta love it when December comes around, everything becomes slightly colder, crisper and sunnier. There's nothing better in my mind. The not so lovely part is getting a bouncy pony who is also appreciating the slight sudden drop in temperature by skipping along the roads when hacking out... (Totally in control, not)
Also found out that we are VERY good at standing utterly still for ten minutes and taking photos of other horses jumping :) After our exhilarating hack out, we then went to the outdoor arena. Gingerninja is Vallu's next door neighbour and apparently his best mate. The other day L (Ginger's owner) had taken him out of his stable and Vallu had cantered around in his stable and was very grumpy cos she was taking his bestie away. And when hacking out Vallu can cope with anything if Gingerninja is next to us.
We're experts at standing still and taking photos
First jump after Gingerninja's holiday
Wednesday was another stunning sunny but cold day. Which also meant that I had another fresh ride on Vallu... :D Luckily we got to go in the indoor arena after the BSJ competition, and we got to do some trotting poles! So exciting, but far more in control than on our hack. Vallu seemed to be in a great mood, will definitely do this again. Having used the poles for warm up, I then decided to push my luck and see what happens when I asked for more difficult work. Piaffe, flying changes and half canter pirouettes on a diagonal followed by a flying change and they were all good. So exciting to have my happy pony back ♥︎

On Wednesday evening there was the Buckaroo Christmas Evening... Might have bought myself a Kingsland hoodie in the sale. A Christmas present from me to me? :D #oops #sorrynotsorry #hopemummyisntgonnaseethis

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