Autumn pony

It escaped and ran away to the nearest tree to eat...
Not much has changed with Vallu, we are still slowly doing more work and taking it one day at a time. I refuse to get my hopes up, as the last time we had a proper break through the next day Vallu managed to hurt himself again in the field... Talk about an emotional rollercoaster. But hopefully I won't jinx myself by saying that we have certainly had a good week. We've settled into a routine of walking up and down the drive to warm up, then fifteen minutes of lateral movements in walk (leg yields, shoulder in, half passes) followed by five to fifteen minutes - depending on the day and how he feels - of trot and canter. Cantering is still very exciting for Vallu, so we only do that when he feels calm and relaxed as I don't want it to cause him any damage. Paranoid much? :D My new thought process with anything to do with Vallu goes something along the lines of "if we do X, will that hurt his shoulder?"

Vallu has also now been on a diet for the last few weeks and several people have said that he's possibly lost a little bit of weight! Success! There's nothing harder than trying to diet a horse that loves sweets, feed and his hay... Having had 3 months of very little work and lots of turn out in the field means that Vallu was looking a little bit podgy ;) Aim is to have him looking fit and healthy by Christmas, as I don't think we can get him streamlined any quicker! #nomorefatpony 

Call me biased but I think he's beautiful

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