What a beautiful start to September!

As the start of my final year at university creeps up, I'm trying to enjoy my last few weeks before having to settle down for a year of really hard work. Vallu has been thoroughly enjoying his last few months of holidaying - and I hope that in the long term this has been good for him - and we're now starting to long trek back to full work. I can't wait to get back to training with him, recently during the last few rides when he's really excited (e.g. when we initially pick up canter) I'm getting all the moves when all I'm asking for is working canter down the long side! And then he also throws in a casual flying change here and there too. I think/feel like he might be wanting to get back to work too, fingers crossed. 

Sadly I only have more week of work left. This job is exactly what I wanted for the summer, being outside and having the pleasure of working with some really sweet horses. The ponies there have kept me sane whilst I've been worrying about Vallu, and I've had the pleasure of meeting people that I will for sure want to keep in contact with in the future. If anyone is considering doing a horsey summer job, I would totally recommend it! ♥︎

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