Five years ago!

So apparently I can't stay away for too long... ;) Having blogged for three years (!! Can't believe I missed my blognniversary this year) it's not possible to ignore my little blog! Having moped and wallowed in self pity, anger, guilt and bitterness for the week, I feel like I've finally started to accept that for the next three months there will be no riding and that it is definitely not the end of the world for Vallu and I. Once I have all the images of the scans and x-rays I'll post about it and our plans for his rehab :) 

So onto more cheerful things, look what popped up on my Facebook reminders today! ♥︎ This is during our first winter back in Finland and one of our closest friends popped over, and she ended up having to go for a very snowy hack. Can't say that I've missed the -30c and three feet of snow that much, but I'm sure I will get re-acquitanted with it next winter.

My baby B <3

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