On a break

This is a heart breaking and very sad post to write, but this blog will be going on a 3 month hiatus whilst Vallu is off work. With the two weeks box rest the scans were much clearer yesterday and we were able to see much better what is wrong. The vet said that he has suspensory desmitis and we are looking at a minimum of three months rest, before a possible re-habilition plan. The majority of forelimb injuries respond well to a three-month period of box rest and a controlled walking exercise. 

I'm utterly devastated and heart broken, this is not how I expected 2016 to start. Thank you for all the thoughts and well wishes in the previous post, they were much appreciated. Vallu is in no pain, he is sound when he moves but his leg needs the rest in order to heal. This will be the longest twelve weeks of my life.

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