Helsinki International Horse Show

Helsinki International Horse Show is the one show in Finland that I want to go to whenever possible. Having missed it for the last three years whilst being away in the UK, I was super excited to finally have the chance to go once again to the biggest competition in Finland! It was made even more special by the fact that my big brother had decided to travel from Germany to compete in the Grand Prix class so obviously the entire family went to cheer him on :)
We were lucky enough to have the ring side table seats which are the best that there are as you are literally sitting behind the judges so you are really close to the riders. This made the show jumping classes and Grand Prix class even more interesting to watch simply because you were so close to the action. After having dinner and going round the Horse Expo area (so many shops!!) the GP class started at 9pm. Roble (Ravallo – Donnerschwee) and Henri managed to win the class being the only ones to break the 70% barrier with 70.460% and being nearly 4% ahead of the second placed rider. 
Henri on Roble in GP class 2016, kuva SRL Hanna Heinonen
SRL Hanna Heinonen
We are all obviously really thrilled that it went so well for him! There's nothing quite as special as seeing your big brother ride so brilliantly and then to top it off by winning the entire class ♥︎ I was so happy to see how pleased Henri was with the horse, Roble is such a great horse and I can't wait to see what they achieve together next year when Roble starts to properly relax in the tests and show just how good of a horse he is. I really believe that on a good day this pair can get 75% no problem! On Saturday we get to see them do the Grand Prix Freestyle, which should be really good.

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