HV Polo matchy set from Fur Feather Meds

How gorgeous is this?! I'm so lucky to have been sent this HV Polo saddle pad and bandages set from Lili at Fur Feather Meds to show you guys how nice the new autumn/winter collection from HV Polo is!

First up, the HV Polo Flinn saddle pad - quite possibly the prettiest pad that I have! Most of you know how much of a love/hate relationship I have had with HV Polo over the years... I love their designs but sometimes their  'full size' saddle pads have been made for cobs. This Flinn style pad is at last a really nice size and doesn't look ridiculously small on a ginormous horse like Vallu. I also really like the thickness of the pad (it's more like Eskadron cotton thickness) and it does not move at all! Like at all! My Eskadron duras do not stay in place most of the time and whilst my Eskadron big squares are better they still sometimes move... But this has not budged out of place a single time that I have ridden in it!! #success

From the stock image you can see how pretty the binding is! And also the RAF blue is such a lovely colour, depending on the light it is a sky blue with a little bit of violet/light purple thrown in - therefore those of you who have the Eskadron sky blue can get away with buying this colour because it is not the same ;)

Then, the HV Polo Hixon bandages in the colour RAF blue that have a new design for this AW16 season. Can we just take a minute and thank the designers of HV Polo who have decided to be adventurous and make the  coolest bandages ever!! Even Mummy Sneeze has admitted that she likes them, which is quite a feat since she's a lover of the classic style. These are made from fleece and are sold sets of four to match the horse and rider wear (£24)

If you click THIS LINK you can see the rest of Fur Feather Med's HV Polo autumn winter 2016 collection and see if there's anything you'd like! I have already bought the HV Polo kersley training top (can also recommend, it's super warm!) and I have my eye on the Surrey coat in RAF blue to increase my matchymatchy levels 😍

(Fur Feather Dressage has been re-branded to Feather Dressage in May 2017)

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