Trends to watch out for: Equestrian Stockholm SS17

This collection is just AAAMMAAAAZING. I first saw the ES SS17 Lookbook at the beginning of the year and I'm so relieved that I can finally talk about it with people! I've been so excited to see what other people think about it because I think it just might be one of my favourite collections ever. Although this collection has already come out in mainland Europe (Germany and Finland for sure) and it's going to be soon arriving in the UK, I feel like not a lot of people have yet seen or heard about this new SS17 collection. I'm not even sure that a lot of people around the world have heard about the Equestrian Stockholm brand so I feel like this is a great chance to showcase the brand a bit to you guys. I already have the midnight blue dressage saddle pad from the first collection which is my ultimate smart training riding outfit (which I've already blogged about here). We also already have the champagne pad and bandages which is a very beautiful set. What I absolutely adore about ES is how bloomin' classy all their products are, especially if you like a bit of bling like me.
From their website, you can find this statement: "Fashion, power and elegance are the keywords we have in mind when we develop our new collections. Our products are created using new and exciting sport materials, all with the environment in mind and having a feminine and cool design" which you can really see from their products. Also the fact that ES is inspired by powerful women makes me really happy to be supporting and buying from this brand, even more so due to the fact that Equestrian Stockholm is against down and fur, environmentally friendly and supports young women ✌πŸΌπŸ’πŸΌπŸ’•

Here are some pictures of the upcoming ES SS17 Collection:
The colours are called ice blue, pistage, spring blue and leather deluxe. All of these colours are new ones even though the style is pretty much the same as before (but I like it so it doesn't bother me)  Classic never goes out of style! Although some people have already complained about it looking dull/drab, I really don't agree with this - I think they look great! The ice blue dressage pad has pearls!! Pearls!! How can you think that is boring and dull?? I really like them all... Guys if you own a chestnut or dark bay/black horse, this collection is for you! They've also expanded the rider clothing range so if you already have the champagne set you can now get two different jackets and gilet in champagne too.

I am fortunate enough to be getting the ice blue set from Lili at Fur Feather Meds and I LOVE IT! You can see what other ES products there in stock by clicking here. (No this is not a sponsored post, I am just supporting my friend and her business!)

What do you think? Would you buy anything from this collection?

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