HKM glitter over reach boots

HKM's hot news for the summer was the fact that they were bringing out these new glittery colours to expand their range of over reach boots !🌟I can assure you I was over the moon when I saw on Facebook a blurry video of their new glitter range sometime in February 2017. Gosh these are SO pretty, so of course I ordered some πŸ’ΈπŸ’ΈπŸ’Έ (I am well aware that some people will hate these, hahaa!) I ordered the black glitter boots but there are others colours (bronze, turquoise and gold) which are now on their website if you want to go have a look. 
HKM has been one of those brands that I have tended to avoid over the last few years. I'm sure those who know and use their products will feel differently, but I have always thought that they are cheap and therefore won't last at all and I would much rather spend my money on brands that I know and trust... However, I know several people who have had e.g. tendon and fetlock boots from HKM that have lasted years, so I thought I might as well give them a go! And for around €28, I think it's a pretty reasonable price for over reach boots that have a glittery with soft teddy tops for extra comfort, especially when you compare this to Kingsland's Oshawa over reach boots that around the €65+ mark.

Also thank you HKM for producing some more normal sized over reach boots! I did buy some PS of Sweden ones last month but once they arrived I saw that they were WAY too big which is weird since Vallu is consistently a size XL in nearly all the over reach boots that I've bought over the years from different brands! And there was no size guide on their website! Which is a shame, because they were stunning 😐 However I gifted that pair to a friend with a horse who has HUGE hooves and bought myself the HKM ones. 
Also I think this summer has been fantastic as so many different equestrian brands have brought out lots of new products that I have really liked, but I think these boots may have stolen the show for me! I can really recommend them to anyone wanting to buy something a bit more 'fancy' and glittery without breaking the bank - although I'm sure there are some people out there who will hate these, but not me! ✨✨✨

What do you think?

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