My favourite new breeches - Pikeur Lucinda Grip

Ever since I started riding at a young age, I've been using Pikeur breeches simply because they are known to last for years. To this day, they are still my favourite brand of breeches and even though over the last couple of years I have been experiment with different brands, I always go back to Pikeur.  This time, I've bought the Pikeur Lucinda Grip breeches in the colour night blue - you can never go wrong with navy! 💙
Although they are more expensive than most other brands, I LOVE THEM. The material is great, they last and they look good. If you're anything like me, you'll spend the majority of your non-work time in breeches, so they need to be comfortable. Although these are quite plain compared to my Pikeur Piana breeches, I think they look really smart. I actually quite like the logo on the side, I know it annoys some people but for me it breaks the side up nicely!

I also went for these ones in particular because on the Calevo website they were the cheapest Pikeur ones that had a grippy full seat, as now that I've ridden with 'grippy' breeches for over a year I can't go back to the normal seat ones and I do struggle to stay still properly in my other breeches that don't have these. I was really happy to be wearing these yesterday as Vallu not only 'slutdropped' me (he spooked on the spot and shrunk to the floor) but he also took off with me twice, and thanks to the grip on these I didn't even get pulled out of the saddle. So they definitely passed the Vallu test!

If I had unlimited money I would have gone for the Pikeur Dune grip ones instead just because of the extra detailing on them, but I'm still rather pleased with these ones.

What do you think?

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