Project Gingersnap blog hop: Change

T from Project Gingersnap asks: "Have you at some point moved on to a different horse, trainer, stable, etc with the purpose of advancing your progress? What made you realize the time was right for a change? Or did you opt to adjust your goals in order to stay with what you know is working? How did either choice work out in the long run?"

I thought this was a great blog hop subject because making a big change like this can be terrifying! I have always gone with my gut and have been 'brave' to change stables and trainers in order to advance and make progress.

The biggest change that I did was moving to a different stable and at the same time to a different trainer too, back in early 2015 when I was in the UK. I moved from the old yard to Willow Bank Farm nearly entirely on a gut feeling that this would be the right thing for both Vallu and I. It's terrifying to move to a new place where you don't really know anyone, but I did it for Vallu's health and happiness. The lack of winter turn out as well as spending too much time on a horse walker was getting to him and making him unhappy - so I knew that the time was right to move to another stable. Since I didn't have horse transport I had to change trainers too and find someone who was willing to come to me, which is when Lili from Brooksby Dressage started to train me. I knew this was the best thing ever from my first lesson with her! This choice worked out perfectly in the long run.

The one thing I have never changed for the sake of progress is my horse. I am definitely of the opinion that you need to learn to ride the horse you have and the only reason I would change horses is  if I was a detriment to my horse and not because the horse wasn't good enough for me. My pony was only sold because I grew too tall for him - if I had stayed short enough we would have kept him. Basse (who is my first horse) is still with us because he doesn't deserve to be sold on just because I want to make more progress. Him and Vallu both have homes with us for life and if it means my progress takes a back seat, then it does!


  1. Aw, I love this! If I had to sell to progress, I wouldn't sell either. Good ponies are irreplaceable!

  2. Sounds like the move was for the best!
    Following :)