Trends to watch out for: HV Polo AW17

Slowly over the last week or so there have been photos of the new HV Polo autumn winter 2017 collection being shared online and wow, this new range from HV Polo is undeniably perfect for brightening up your winter wardrobe since HV Polo have gone for bright colours as well as floral patterns and a pied de pool motif! 🌸🌺🌼 Talk about being bold - most other equestrian brands go for muted or darker colours for the AW collections but HV Polo have dared to be different.
And for once, they have normal names!! Black, blue, fuchsia, lime and navy as well as some products being available in ice blue and army green. I've also spotted some black bandages that have the floral pattern on them which look really cute, as well as the all round boots too. I've seen that they've also done over reach boots with the flower pattern, which I think is a great idea. Honestly I think that the black boots with the pattern are gorgeous, I'd love to see them in real life to be able to see if it's actually as pretty as it is in the pictures.

I'm not sure if HV Polo have done grooming bags before this season (more than likely that I've just not paid attention) but I really really like the new AW17 Arriola grooming bag with the flower print. I just think is super pretty 🌸🌺 It's also shaped like my beloved Kingsland grooming bag so I know this would be a great addition if someone needs a Mary Poppins style bag, I'm constantly finding brushes and stuff that I'd forgotten about in my grooming bag. They've also done a boot bag and a hat bag, so for the ultimate matchy matchy you could buy them all, haha! 
I also really appreciate the fact that they do a ton of different clothing options in every collection. There are so many different styles to go for, which is something other brands are a bit lacking on!

What do you think? Do you like the bright colours for an autumn/winter collection or not?

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