What I got for Christmas 2017

Christmas (and birthday) hauls are some of my favourite posts and I love reading these kinds of blog posts about them and seeing them on Youtube. I've always felt a bit nervous about doing them as I don't want anyone to think I'm boasting in any way but I love reading them myself so I decided to finally do one this year! But anyway, inserting the mandatory disclaimer here that I am no way bragging about what I received, I just like being nosy and reading these posts so assume others will too! I love sharing what I got and hope it inspires people if they are stuck for gift ideas throughout the year. Obviously, I have not included every single item because some of them were not horsey gifts, but I appreciated every single one of my gifts. Oh and the reason this is done so early is because we had main Christmas evening on the 16th so 90% of my presents were opened then, and the rest were opened on Christmas Eve as per usual in Finland! 🎄
But back to the good stuff, let’s delve into what you probably came here for… the PRESENTS! 🎁

1. Eskadron faux fur boots from the Eskadron AW Classic collection
SO FLUFFY and so very much needed! My other Le Mieux fluffy boots have been in so much use since this autumn that they are starting to look a bit worn out. Not that I mind, but I'd rather have two sets of boots so that the Le Mieux boots will hopefully last longer. It's also lovely to be able to put on dry boots on the second horse whenever I'm riding both, I do feel a tinge of guilt when putting on damp and sweaty boots so I think the boys appreciate this present too. I think I'll be doing a product review of these soon just because so far I have been incredibly impressed with them!

2. Montar Amber sweatshirt and Pikeur Tahira coat
I'm amazed that my family actually went and bought what I had hoped for in my Christmas wish list! Especially the Montar Amber sweatshirt which is insanely soft and amazing to wear. Anything that sparkles is pretty AF, but this is grey and sparkles which means I'll be wearing this as much possible over the rest of winter ✨ The Pikeur Tahira jacket is just stunnnninggggggg! It's a lightly padded jacket which has two zippered pockets at the front and it's decorated with these really lovely trimmings on the sleeves and at the front, as well as there being a little embroidery and emblem with Pikeur logo on the shoulder. I hate riding with thick coats on, so even in the midst of winter I will always be seen in  a 'thin' coat (so what people consider to be a good spring/autumn coat) and this Pikeur Tahira coat is perfect for that.

3. GANT Savannah watch
Right so I do know that this is not truly a horsey item, but it will be used sometimes when riding because I'm slowly getting bored of having to stop to dig out my phone out of my pocket to see what time it is whilst riding. This has a leather strap in white (obviously) and the most brilliant feature in my opinion is that it has a rose gold(!!) ion plated case and water resistance up to 5 ATM. Well done Henri big bro for picking this out all by yourself - he's got such a good sense of style!

4. Pikeur snoods
So there's clearly a very strong grey theme going on with my presents 😂 I hate riding with a scarf and I've been muttering out loud that I needed to buy a loop or a snood type of scarf to ride with for winter, so to get two was just fab! The Pikeur teddy scarf/neck warmer has the most amazingly soft lining to it, but even the Pikeur loop scarf is made from this soft wool which isn't itchy at all. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

5. Pearly Ponies browband
The best surprise was this oh so beautiful browband by Pearly Ponies which my lovely friend Lili who owns Feather Dressage sent me (alongside the Pikeur loop scarf). It's the Sea Horse aternating aquas/opals Tricolore browband in the deep curve inlay style, which is something Lili and I talked about over Instagram DMs at some point over this summer and then she went ahead and ordered one!!! ☄️ 

6. Hollister ultimate lightweight jacket
Photo from Hollister's website
This present just shows me that dad knows me too well 💞 A bright pink light weight coat (much brighter than the photo suggests) that dad probably assumed I'd use for normal day to day life but I think this shall be perfect for riding in. Again it's that perfect 'thin' coat like the Pikeur Tahira and will for sure get used throughout spring, autumn and especially in winter - adding that bit of colour to an otherwise dark time of the year!

7. Equstom gift card 
Our lovely neighbour Sanna who owns Equstom Riding School gave a gift card for a pair lesson for mum and I, which I thought was a brilliant present! Sanna has this amazing back for making you super aware of your position, your seat and use of aids and how these all affect the horse's way of going so I'm really excited to go have a lesson with her, it's been a couple of years since my last lesson with her!

Every Christmas I say this, but I just can’t believe how generous people are and how lovely everything I received is. I'm incredibly grateful to everyone for all my presents and really quite overwhelmed, especially as I'm 24 and you kind of expect the presents to drop off ❤️ What about you? Did you get anything horsey for Christmas?


  1. I don't get horsey presents! When I was younger, I specifically stated that Christmas and birthday presents should be things that I wanted that were for me, not the horse, as I spent my money on horse things all year round. This has continued for the most part through adulthood.
    Don't feel bad for me - I just buy my own horse "presents" for Christmas and birthdays. And Halloween. And Easter. and Groundhog Day, and.... ��

    1. Hahahah, that's a good plan! I think I'll also do that once I'm not a student anymore and have a job which will allow me to buy my own horsey presents throughout the year 😍