#rootd: rose and grey

I hope that you all had a lovely evening, my New Year's Eve was spent at home trying to keep the dogs from freaking out about the fireworks and doing checks on the horses to make sure that they stayed calm too - luckily we had a couple of bottles of champagne at home!! 🍾 But anyway, lets start the new year off with a bang - a rose peachy pink and grey riding outfit suggestion! This could be a "new year new me" riding outfit for those of you who have never used pale peach pink before 😜 But since I've been a long time fan of rose gold, so when I heard that Eskadron were releasing a rose gold inspired collection, I was on it like a car bonnet to order the rose big square glossy pad and bandages from the Heritage 2017 collection. I love the fact that Eskadron and Pikeur follow the colour trends of the big fashion lines, so lots of normal non-horsey shops like H&M have got clothes that match - sorry Pikeur but your prices for sweaters and hoodies are sometimes quite extortionate!

Saddle pad: Eskadron rose big square glossy
Bandages: Eskadron rose
Over reach boots: Eskadron Platinum grey 
Top: H&M sweatshirt in powder pink
Breeches: Pikeur grey Piana breeches
Snood: Pikeur anthracite snood

I think this is SUCH a cute riding outfit, I love how it looks on both Basse and Vallu. Yes it might be a bit girly, but since pale pink is my favourite colour I think the boys will just have to deal with it! 🌸 This outfit has gone straight into my top 3 and keep forever list, especially since I live in the H&M sweatshirt as much as possible. It's one of my clothes that I look for when doing my laundry so that it gets washed asap! And although I've previously avoided buying the glossy pads from Eskadron, I'm now super impressed with them especially after getting my Platinum blackberry pad and now this pad too - they repeal dirt and hairs like there's no tomorrow! I love the big square style of saddle pads, but I think I'm being converted to the glossy finish rather than the normal cotton pad simply because it keeps the dirt away for longer. And yes I know Vallu is wearing his white overreach boots in the photos but that's just because the grey boots I ordered have still not arrived!
 BTW, the Pikeur snood is possibly the best invention ever for riding in winter. Because of the fleece lining it keeps your neck super warm but doesn't put pressure on your throat as it's not too tight. I have a problem with scarves and polo top because they sometimes feel way too tight around my throat, but this is doesn't make me feel like that! I'm so pleased to have found a scarf that I can easily wear when riding in the winter without my neck freezing and constantly feeling like I'm catching a cold ❄️
Vallu took off with me here and I'm desperately trying to get him to slow down before the end of the arena so that he doesn't gallop out of the door!
What do you think? Do you like it?

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