Trends to watch out for: Le Mieux SS18

 Ah thank goodness, we are finally getting to my favourite part of the year, when the new spring/summer collections start coming out and leaked photos start floating about on Facebook and Instagram. It means that we are getting closer to the end of winter and that we have so much to look forward to - sunshine, longer days and new matchy! ☀️💐🌿 It gives me so much hope that we might actually survive through this horrible winter and hopefully we can soon reduce the amount of rugs that the horses have to wear...

Anyway, the first brand for the SS18 collections in my Trends to Watch Out For series is Le Mieux. Now in case you don't know them, Le Mieux is a British brand that is renowned for its great design for the comfort of the horse, with the saddle pads being designed specifically with the horse in mind. They are not the blingy-est and I know some people think they are pretty boring and although I tend to agree with this, I do believe that these are the most well thought and well designed pads you can buy. The 'swan neck' design means there is tons of space at the wither, the D-ring loops secure the pad to the saddle (especially handy for those with WOW and mono flap saddles), the double velcro girth straps with the inner locking loop prevent the pad from slipping too much and the girth area has been reinforced for added strength. My mum is a massive LM fan and having seen how often she has used these pads I do have to admit that they do last incredibly well, even after tens of washes!
ALL photos have been found either online (google/FB/Instagram) or from the HorseHealth trader website)
The colours that Le Mieux have brought out for this collection are: blush pink, tangerine and olive. Olive is an army green type which is everywhere - PS of Sweden have already done it, Eskadron have already done it and Equestrian Stockholm are also bringing it out in their SS18 collection, so it will be interesting to see how quickly LM manages to sell these as there's some pretty tough competition out there! I think the tangerine orange is a lovely colour, but since I'm not the biggest fan of orange it's not for me. And since everyone knows how much I love pink, so if I was to buy one set from this collection it would be the blush pink set! 🌸

This is also the first time that I've noticed that Le Mieux have brought out matching boots (these are not the ProSupport boots that have over the years received a lot of negative reviews about rubbing horses' legs). These are called the grafter brushing boots and I think they look really fun! I believe they'll be superb hacking out and turning out boots but I know some people will certainly use them for riding and training. My two will probably get these as new turn out boots and definitely in the pink so that I can find the boots easily and quickly in their paddocks!
I know these are meant to be ready for dispatch from mid-March onwards, and normally LM have been pretty good at keeping on track with their deadlines. I for one am really looking forward to seeing real life pictures of these on people's horses. I think if you've got a chestnut or a black horse you have 3 perfect options here when contemplating new matchy for SS18! 

What do you think? Do you like the new collection?


  1. Ooo, how did I not know about the boots?! Q might be getting the olive set once it's out :)

  2. Replies
    1. Ah I won't be getting any of these, I'm pretty sure I'm going for a set from PS Of Sweden and a set from Eskadron classic collection!

  3. I adore the pads from le mieux! They fit so well, and don't slip. Can't recommend them enough. That said, I dunno if any of these colors speak to me. I'm always more excited by the fall/winter colors anyway. Haha

    1. I think the pink and orange are nice, but I won't be buying them because PSOS and Eskadron have MUCH more exciting collections coming out!