January 2018 sales haul

A lot of my non-horsey friends are currently being all frugal and sensible because of one responsible adult reason or another.... But not me! πŸ’Έ Even though I was thoroughly spoilt at Christmas and I did kinda half promise/mention to people that I didn't need to treat myself to anything but come the January sales and I found I just couldn't resist a bargain. Which is how all the below happened! ⤵️

I'm so pleased with all my sale buys this month that I wanted to share them with you. Both are from the Eskadron Classic AW17 collection, I bought the big square pad and bandages in aqua marine and the glossy wave pad in navy from Feather Dressage. Hopefully I won't be an enabler here and encourage any last minute January spending - if I do, then apologies in advance!
As a matter of interest, has anybody else found the sales this year to be better than before? Also, I would love to hear if anybody else came across any finds in the January sales rummage! πŸ’ΈπŸ’Œ Right, time for no more spending ... (Until the SS18 collections start to appear in tack shops.) Hope you enjoyed the haul!

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