New boy!

In case you don't remember, in October last year my mum bought a new horse for herself when we all thought that Rama (who is 20 years old this year) would have to start his work being slowly reduced to get him to a semi-retired state... Well it's not exactly gone to plan 😅 as Rama is fresh AF and acting like as if he's ten years old rather than twenty and clearly not ready to be retired yet.
So, meet my new super early "well done for getting your Master's degree and 25th birthday present"... Erkki! He's a 14 year old Danish WB gelding (Blue Hors Don Schufro x Racot). Because of his ridiculous show name, he is known as Erkki but I know he'll become Eric once we move back to the UK since I don't think anyone will be able to pronounce it. I AM SO BLESSED that my parents have agreed to keep him for me to ride rather than selling him on, they really the best parents ever! 💖

Lots of lessons are needed obviously, simply because he's just SO different to Vallu and Basse that I sometimes feel totally lost but I'm sure we'll get there eventually. Although he's so much more chilled out about noises and everything than Vallu when you're riding him, when you're walking him or he's in his stable he can sometimes be a nervous wreck when he sees something for the first time - I clearly have a type of horse that I like 😜 I'm just so pleased to have been given the chance to carry on training and competing on such a nice horse! ✨


  1. Omg so happy for u .Wish u both the best in the future!!

  2. What a gorgeous gift! How exciting!

    1. So blessed that my parents are just so loving and supportive!

  3. omgosh he is LOVELY!!!! what a great gift, and what a special boy!!