Trends to watch out for: Equestrian Stockholm AW18 collection

And to round off the end of August (which means autumn is officially here tomorrow!) let's have a quick look at Equestrian Stockholm's new AW18 collection. If you love red, you'll be happy and if you love navy or green you'll be over the moon, but if you don't, then this collection might not set your matchy world on fire.
Like PS of Sweden, Equestrian Stockholm has gone for the two staple colours of autumn with a bordeaux red and a deep brown. Whilst I'm not a big fan of brown on my any of my horses, and although I know how absolutely lovely the bordeaux red will look on bay and grey horses, what has really caught my eye in this collection is the white edge pad which has finally been released in dressage (SJers have been lucky to have had this for two seasons now!) I think it is SO smart, a beautiful twist on their midnight blue pad  which means you can easily wear white or navy bandages with it - it is perfect for training! ⤵️
Lucky me who missed out on emerald last year, it's now been confirmed it will be re-released in October and this time with matching bandages! 🍀 Love, love, love!! I didn't get this last time because I didn't like having navy bandages with an emerald green pad, but now that there are emerald bandages available I am ALL over this set!
And let's give credit where credit is due and very much deserved... Equestrian Stockholm once again has released a beautiful matching rider clothing collection too. There are coats, soft-shell jackets, the 'next generation' jackets as well as breeches which I've heard plenty of people are loving! If I had all the money in the world, I would so buy the navy light weight coat 💙

 Here are some more photos from this collection:

What do you think of this collection? Love it? Hate it?

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  1. Hi Guys
    I have published the full schedule of events for the World Equestrian Games in Tryon starting next week.
    I have also included a few links where you can get all the TV times in the UK and USA, as well as a few websites that will be streaming most of the events.
    So it’s pretty much all you’ll need to keep up with the action. I hope that helps ease some of the FOMO
    Here is the link, it’s yours to use as you please