#rootd: plum and navy

Well it's been a while since my last #rootd blog post, but having survived another week of renovations, family visiting, sorting out paperwork, I was SUPER excited when my Feather Dressage delivery arrived! 🛍 I've been living in my own little bubble ever since moving to Wiltshire and my life has generally consisted of renovating, painting, moving furniture, cleaning and attempting to have some kind of a normal social life and catching up with friends - it's not left much time for blogging, taking photos or training properly! But now that the house is starting to look like 'our house' and the barn renovation project is nearly done, I thought it was well past the time for me to return back to blogging with a bang 💥
Saddle pad: Eskadron plum cotton
Bandages: Eskadron plum
Over reach boots: Eskadron Platinum navy 
Top:  Navy HV Polo Elaine
Breeches: Kingsland Chisasib leggings

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  1. Hi Guys
    Here are the final results for the Eventing at WEG 2018

    Ingrid Klimke's one rail down in the showjumping cost her and Germany dearly, and open the way for young Rosalind Canter and Team GBR. Here are the top 20 individual results and the top 10 team results in the Eventing at WEG 2018