Stable renovation: part 2

And ta-daaaaa here it is! 🤗 Isn't it amazing?
Here's some progress shots from the last four weeks since my last update ⤵️ The builders have worked so hard, you can't be anything but incredibly impressed with them! They've done plenty of 12 hour days and have been happy to answer any questions and queries that we may have had AND they've consulted us whenever there has been anything that they thought we would like done differently. The work that has gone into this building is quality! 10/10 for the builders, they were all amazing. 👏🏻

My only critique of the building company is that not keeping to the time frame and the promises that they made is something that drove all of us insane. Being promised that everything would be done in 7-10 days which ended up taking over a month (actually 6 weeks!) I know you've got to be flexible with building work, but I wish we hadn't been promised something that clearly wasn't going to be done in a week! A maximum of 10 days suddenly turned into 6 weeks 🙅🏼 Why not say it would take a month or more to begin with? The worst case was the with the hardwood infills for the storage and tack room and the stable partitions. We had ordered this whole project in mid-June before we had even finalised the purchase of the property itself, yet apparently the week that we were meant to get the hardwood delivered suddenly everyone everywhere has run out of it? Er, how can that happen when it's been over 3 months since our order for the parts?

But the it's here now and everything is done, so it doesn't matter as much anymore - I am SO grateful that it's finally here and we can FINALLY get to settle down! ❤️
Once all of our stuff has been moved from the tent and the shed into it's correct place in the barn, I'll do a barn tour for you all because I've always thought those are the best videos to watch! 🎥

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