#Blogtober Day 1: An Introduction to Blogtober

Recently on the fabulous #HorseBloggers Meet Up group on Facebook which is run by the lovely Sam from Haynet, I saw a post about Blogtober which  is a challenge where you aim to do something for your blog every day of October, and I thought that this would be a great challenge for me! After a year of hard work due to my Master's degree and the thesis, followed by a summer of chaos moving from one side of Europe to the other with two dogs and five horses as well as a massive building project with the new barn at home, I thought it would create a focus back on the blog 🍁🍂
I'm aiming to publish a blog post most days, but I think for some of the topics/days I don't have any good blog content to post, so I'll be focusing on social media instead, so make sure you follow me on Facebook and Instagram

The equestrian blogging community has jumped on this idea and the plan is to make Blogtober into one great big blog hop! This means that at the bottom of each post you will be directed to other blogs who are also taking part in this equestrian version of Blogtober! What a great way to discover new equestrian bloggers to follow 💕


  1. I'm very excited to join in on Blogtober as well, and to see what all the amazing equestrian writers have to share this month.

  2. Good luck! I know I'm going to struggle with blog content every day, so I am also planning some social content too!