#Blogtober Day 3: A day in the life of Roosa's Horsey Life

For day 3 of Blogtober, here's a quick look into what my life currently consists of... Coffee, mucking out, horses and blogging. ☕️🐴💻

6AM: Wake up to the increasingly annoying sound of my phone's alarm clock and crawl out of bed. I used to be really good at getting up to feed, but since it's been dark still as the days are getting shorter it's been a struggle to get up at 6! Give the horses their feeds and hay, check everyone has water. Decide that Melissa is too warm, so change her rug to a thinner one. Shout for the dogs who have decided to run off to the back field, and hope that they come back. Once they get back inside the house, crawl back into bed for a quick nap.

7.30AM: Wake up again, go downstairs for breakfast AKA a big cup of coffee. Watch the news, scroll through Facebook and Instagram and try to wake up my brain.

8.30-11AM: Morning yard jobs! Turn the horses out in rugs, fill up the water buckets in their paddocks and then decide it's too warm so take off everyone's rugs. Muck out, do feeds, put fresh hay and water in the stables. Electricians are back, this time they are doing the outside lights as well as putting up the new camera outside the barn. Plumber also arrives, so hopefully we'll soon have running water in the barn!
11AM: Back inside for more coffee and breakfast, feed the dogs, put the washing machine on and make tea and coffee for the electricians and the builder! Rush around trying to get everything done in half the normal amount of time which means I spill everything 🙄

12PM: Grab the horses in whilst the electricians are on their lunch break so that the horses can have a quick snooze without all the noise and chaos.

12.30-2PM: Collapse on the sofa after grabbing my laptop, and finish up yesterday's blogpost and start working on this one! Also finish up on some social media work, reply to comments and also reply to friends' messages too, I'm terrible at forgetting to reply!

2-4PM: Back in the barn, getting Erik ready for a ride before the vet arrives as I want to ride him today as he'll be having a day off tomorrow. Nearly chicken out of doing it as the electricians and plumber are in full swing, but put on my brave pants and go for a ride! After three spins I finally growl at him to get his act together, and we do some really lovely simple work. Finish the ride on massive big pats and feeling happy that I decided to ride!
4PM: Our lovely vet Jess from Wessex Equine Veterinary Practise arrives (perfectly on time!) to do vaccinations for Vallu and Erik. She also brings wormers for all the horses as well as Sedalin as for the first time ever the hunt will be going past us and we want to be prepared for it! Niilo tries to convince Jess that she should take him with her, by climbing into her car...
4.30-6PM: Groom and then ride Melissa. She's such a lovely girl but still obviously feeling a little sore from two days of physio over the weekend. Just have a little hooley around the arena trying to get her to think moving forwards, but in the end I'm probably only on her for 20 minutes!

6.30-7.30PM: Turn out all the horses because they'll be having a duvet morning with the hunt being around, so we want to be out as late as possible! Our lovely neighbour Chris pops round to see the new barn and he has his dogs with him! It's always lovely to catch up with our neighbours but even more so with their lovely dogs 😍

8-9.30PM: Back inside, having dinner (pizza!) whilst watching the Great British Bake Off 🍰🍪🇬🇧 Tuesday evenings are my favourite evenings!

9.30PM: Have a super quick shower before crawling back into bed and opening up the laptop and working on this blog post, but I fall asleep before 10PM 😴💤

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  1. Such a lovely horsey day! I would love to have my horse on property, but sadly we live in a suburban area. We are looking for properties with land as our 5-year plan is to live on a bigger property zoned for horses, but my daughter needs to stay in her current school district because of her special needs. So we have to wait until Intermediate or High School before making any changes. Gives us time to prepare and plan!