#Blogtober Day 10 & 11: Autumn wardrobes

I mean if you're anything like me, your horse's wardrobe is more extensive than your own! For days 10 and 11 in #Blogtober, here are mine and my horses' autumn wardrobes during these cooler months ⤵️

Although our horses have what feels like a thousand rugs, with two or more for every occasion in fact (we have rugs for every eventuality), I do try keep my horses without rugs as much as possible, especially now that they're inside the barn. Luckily we have a thermostat in the barn so I know the approximate temperature inside, and if it doesn't drop below +13C, I don't use rugs - especially now that they are very hairy and haven't been clipped yet! When the temperature has dropped below that, the four rugs I have been rotating between already this autumn are the 0g rain sheet, light weight or fleece lined turn out rug (either high neck or full neck), the light weight 100g Mio rugs with no neck and fleece rugs.
I don't need more rugs but wouldn't this be cute on Basse?
I think when deciding on what rugs to use this autumn, remember that each horse is an individual. Some might be run hot whilst others can be prone to a chill. Vallu is a chilly horse whilst Erik runs hot, but currently Basse has the fluffiest coat ever so I've been using different rugs for each one, especially when turning out horses, who will move about in their paddocks to generate warmth if they are feeling chilly, which is why I would rather 'under rug' for turn out.

Despite the strangely warm temperatures that we've been experiencing over here in Wiltshire, it won’t be long before the cold mornings are back again (and the rain! ☔️) Once the temperatures on the yard  start to become a bit nippy, especially in the evening when doing the evening yard jobs after riding, here are just a few key items that make up my wardrobe this autumn
Pikeur thin coat, Spooks gillet, Horze waterproof coat, euro-star sweater and my favourite headband knitted by my grandmother!

Also, the moment it starts to feel even a tiny bit colder you will find me always wearing a handband and most likely even a scarf on the colder days. I have SO many to chose from - thank you Grandma! - as well as the ones I have bought (Pikeur and Spooks are the best) and with the new autumn/winter ranges coming think I need to add some more to my collection!
What do you and your horses wear in autumn?

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