#Blogtober Day 4: Autumn essentials for me

Since it is October now, I think we can all admit that summer is nearly over and that autumn is here!! 🍁🍂 So here are my autumn essential items, products which I could not live without:

1. A multitude of sweaters and hoodies: Groundbreaking indeed but what can I say, it's no surprise, when it’s cold you wear a sweater or hoodie. Sometimes you'll have to layer it under coat or gillet, sometimes you don’t - thank you warm autumns! I go for classic greys and navys, but other times I go for super bright colours or something sparkly with sequins! ✨
2. Riding gloves: I would recommend owning multiple pairs, as I can't think of anything worse than not being able to find them when you need them! I love my Roeckl gloves, thinner ones for spring/summer and thicker pairs for autumn/winter. Then I also have several pairs for yard work, some which are waterproof.

3. Fluffy/woolly socks: These will keep your feet toasty on the cold mornings when mucking out and turning out at 6am.

4. Woolly hat/headband: Here’s a secret – I live in headbands over autumn and winter, not only are they are warm but it also keeps my hair out of my face! And if you have longer hair than me, you can also just pile your hair into the woolly hat when mucking out, to save having to wash it when rushing straight off, it also keeps random pieces of hay/straw/shavings getting into your hair.
5. Thermos flask: I'm not entirely sure how anyone could survive the early mornings and late evenings in autumn without one of these, filled with either coffee or tea! ☕️

6. A showerproof/waterproof coat:  preferably with a hood, which can keep out the inevitable chill that can be found the moment your hair gets wet in the torrential rain! Length can vary from around the hips to just above the knee, but I prefer a coat that is hip length for riding in and another coat that is to the knees for whenever I have to go outside e.g. to empty the wheelbarrow and get the ponies in! A big bonus is the coat has lots of pockets that can be fastened so you know your phone and keys are safe.


  1. I love your headband! I'm a huge fan of hats, and with long, curly hair I often wear a cap or wool hat throughout the year to keep it in line. Plus, they look cute!

  2. Good morning fellow horse lovers

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