#Blogtober Day 5: Autumn essentials for your horse

Yesterday's #Blogtober post was all about essentials for me, and today's is the autumn essentials for our horses! 🍁🍂

1. Rugs: ALL THE RUGS. I find it SO frustrating in the UK with the huge variety in temperatures - every day can be massively different (yesterday we had +20C and then today we have +11C), so our horses have A LOT of rugs. We have plenty of stable rugs but we have even more turn out rugs, ranging from no fill to 300g turnouts.

2. Magic brush: This brush is just the best brush ever invented, especially if you own a grey horse. It gets mud and poo and grass stains like no other brushes can.

3. Overreach boots: Especially ones that will survive turnout… I swear they do help with keeping shoes on, so even Basse wears them when turned out! We have an entire box full of boots and overreach boots just for turning out.

 4. Duct tape: For all those hoof-bandaging needs, when Vallu 

5. Baby wipes: These remove stains well (can see you a pattern...) and will help you wipe down tack super quickly after riding.
46. Carr & Day & Martin Mane & Tail spray: Now that the weather has turned, I'm going to be battling mud from now till I suppose March? So for silky locks on that make grooming easier and quicker, this is an absolute essential item for my horses! I use this product often in more of a preventative manner, liberally applying it when grooming so that when they go out in the morning and get plastered in mud, it comes off much easier thanks to this. It also helps to stop rugs with neck covers from rubbing out the mane. And if you have a grey horse like me, it makes getting rid of dust and poo a lot easier!

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