Updating our arena surface

What a busy few weeks it's been! Who knew that doing work to the house and the barn and the arena would take so much time and energy, especially since we've had friends over from Finland over the previous weekend and had the carpets changed upstairs a couple of days before that. Busy busy busy!!! Two weeks ago and again on this Friday morning at 6.37am a lorry with 10 tons of rubber chippings arrived and I've never been so happy to be up and out before 7am 🌅 Definition of a horsey girl: will be happily out of bed at sunrise for anything to do with horses.

 Our arena is made up of a mixture of sand and rubber chippings, but as it hadn't been looked after properly by the previous owners we knew it would need more rubber before winter properly arrived so that it would cope with the freezing weather and torrential rain. After doing our research, we went with Mainland Aggregates Arena Flex® Equestrian Rubber Chippings as it was the most affordable option and they were able to deliver it when we wanted it. What I also liked about this product is that their Arena-Flex® equestrian rubber chippings consist of 99.9% wire free rubber which has been passed through a specialised granulator and then screened. It's also meant to be frost resistant and  well-draining which is exactly what we want and need for winter!
Our neighbour helping us to spread the rubber chippings
Although it was already riding so much better than before, we came to the conclusion that we simply needed another 10 tonnes to get it properly sorted once and for all. I must admit that it feels AMAZING to ride on right now, we just need a torrential downpour of rain soon to get the sand to properly settle down underneath it, and then I think it will be perfect 🙌🏻

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