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This was a great rainy & stormy day diversion for me! Although it's a beautiful November Sunday here in Wiltshire today, we've had relentless rain and gusts of wind for the last 24 hours and I felt like I was starting to go crazy, so a big thank you Raincoast Rider for such fabulous questions.

1. Favorite show venue:
The best ones that I've actually been to is both the Royal Windsor Horse Show as well as London Olympia Horse Show. I've just booked our tickets to go to Olympia this year, we're off on Monday 16th to see the Grand Prix dressage class and I'm SO excited 🎉 My favourite to watch or livestream is always Badminton Horse Trials, although next year I am determined to actually go there since I only live about 45 minutes away.

2. Favorite discipline:
It's not going to surprise anyone that my favourite discipline is dressage. I like the training, the dedication and the complete focus required. That being said, whenever I get stuck or bored I go out for a long hack or do some pole work and suddenly everything goes better again!

3. Favorite horse colour:
Bay, but grey has an incredibly special place in my heart 🦄💕
4. Favorite tack store:
Feather Dressage and Foster Equestrian are my favourite tack shops - amazing products, they're always happy to hold items for you, it's never any bother if you'd like order in any special items that aren't in stock and they have SO many different brands in stock. My favourite local shop is Equiboodle, which is less than 10 minutes down the road from me!

5. Favorite breed:
Warmbloods for sure, I love their athleticism and their talent for so many different disciplines and they sure are rather pretty to look at too!

6. Favorite place to ride:
Hacking around our big field 💚

7. Favorite piece of riding apparel:
My new uvex suxxeed diamond helmet. It's so comfortable to wear and so far I've never had a sweat head yet - which is an incredible change for me as with my Samshield I constantly had helmet hair to deal with 😒
8. Favorite horse related website:
Can I say Instagram? 😂 For me it is a horse related site as I follow so many horsey accounts that it really is more of a horse related website that anything else! I know others use it to follow celebrities/news/their friends and family but mine truly is 90% horses and 10% the rest.

9. Favorite piece of tack:
My WOW saddles and Vallu's Schockemohle Slimford anatomic bridle, which is so nice that I've not ridden in his double bridle for weeks now! Although I've always drooled after PS of Sweden bridles, I much prefer the headpiece of the Schockemohle as it's much softer and a better shape for a horse with big ears in my opinion. My love for the WOW saddles is well documented, but for those of you who haven't seen them close up before, HERE is the blog post when Vallu's one arrived.

10. Favorite horse book:
The most worn out book in our library,  "Horses: Visual Guide To Over 100 Breeds" which is packed with 250 photographs of more than 100 horse breeds - when I was little I went over ever single breed trying to soak in all that knowledge so that I could recognise ALL the different horse breeds 🤓 #onceanerdalwaysanerd

11. Favorite horse movie:
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron! I was only 9 years old when the film was released but to me it showed how amazing horses are and their spirit could not be broken and I just fell deeper in love with these amazing animals.

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