uvex suxxeed diamond helmet

So after my latest fall a few weeks ago, I decided that it was about time that my head deserved a new helmet to protect it! I was about to go for another Samshield when some tiny part of my brain decided to have a look online to see what else is out there. KEPs are unfortunately too expensive for me and everyone has them and although I love Charles Owens helmets, they don't suit my head at all. I still wanted a well known and well respected brand, hence going for uvex. And when I saw this glamorous and super sparkly uvex suxxeed diamond helmet I knew that I had found the one that I wanted! ✨ It also helped that the shop I bought it from had a -25% discount code available which made it a much more feasible price.
 Uvex designed this beauty together with Swarovski with the crystals and pearls in a variety of colours sparkle and shine against the silky material of the rest of the helmet. I mean, drool... It's not often I'm left speechless, but when I opened my parcel I didn't say anything for a good ten minutes. It is that pretty! It's a starry sky of Swarovski crystals 🌌
But more importantly, with its impact-resistantance on the outside and shock-absorbance on the inside, I know my head is as safe as can be. Also with the uvex monomatic comfort buckle, the R-FAS strap system (to be totally honest this did take me a few minutes to get used to it - it is very different to other helmets!) and the dial size adjustment system at the back, this helmet can be adjusted precisely to the shape of your head in every dimension. Before I got the adjustment at the back correct for me, I did panic thinking that it didn't fit me at all but after playing around with all the fittings it suddenly then fit like a glove! It also has a uvex temperature regulation system inside that always keeps your head cool as well as a removable anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and washable inner pad.

It did make me laugh that of course I would end up wanting to get a helmet that wasn't even available to purchase from the UK 🤗 So I'm very pleased to report that I had such good service from Eppljeck who shipped the helmet to me very quickly! They provided me with a tracking number for the parcel with PostNL which I tracked several times each day 🇳🇱 Considering it was ordered Thursday night and delivered Monday afternoon I thought that was incredibly good! 

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