The supplements for my horses that I'm currently loving

It is a minefield out there with SO many different supplements for every possible ailment and most of us horse owners will have spent what feels like thousands of pounds trying to find those ones that actually work. Which is why I wanted to share the two supplements that have really impressed me over the last few months. Of course what works for my horses might not work for other horses, but I totally believe it is worth sharing information and success stories in the hope that they can help others too!

To start of with, it's the 4CYTE Epiitalis® Forte gel which I've been using for over a month with Vallu. The epiitalis gel is a revolutionary equine joint support supplement - one that you won't find it in any other joint supplement on the planet. The gel has three ingredients: epiitalis (an extract from the seed of biota orientalis), a soya oil gel and apple flavouring 🍏 So no hidden ingredients and no bulking ingredients. By the way, did you know that up to 60% of all equine lameness cases that vets see are due to joint disease? So not only has Vallu suffered from several tendon and ligament injuries, I am well aware of his age and that with time general wear and tear can take its toll on the horse's joints.
 What makes this supplement so special for me? Well, it's made a massive difference to Vallu. It feels like he's five years younger, he's moving his body as if he hasn't been off proper work for the last 6 months and he feels incredible to ride. But most importantly, this supplement has had a significant research into it, which has demonstrated that the active ingredients are effective. Most companies will bring out supplements with barely any research done, but not this one and I for one appreciate a company that is able to show why its product is so good 👏🏻
And another company that is willing to put research behind its products too is Science Supplements and their brilliant calmer ProKalm  🙌🏻 It has been a life saver for Erik whilst he's been resting. ProKalm was rated as the UK's number 1 in a survey of over 1500 participants done in 2016 (so I'm not the only one who thinks this is brilliantly effective!) It's a totally different calmer that is helping a lot of other horses and ponies using their unique formula which is very different to the thousands of calmers out there. Now I know there is an age old debate about "you shouldn't need to feed your horse a calmer, just work it more/feed it less" BUT for horses like Erik who are injured and are on just hay/hayledge and chaff for their supplements, people like me need a calmer for their horses that actually has an effect.
There is no magnesium, valerian or tryptophan in this product - and that's because there is no scientific evidence that magnesium has a calming effect on horses, valerian is illegal under FEI and tryptophan sends signals to the body that it's exhausted and therefore leads a negative effect on performance. So what's actually in Prokalm? Well it is a "a herb extract and amino acid based calmer" and on their website the composition is made up of: withania somnifera, passiflora incarnata, melissa officianalis, L-Theanine and rice flour, with an addition of the L-Tyrosine amino acid. Now my family has more than likely tried every single calmer out there and NONE have made such a big difference as this. Erik is on 4 scoops a day whilst he's recovering from his injury, and this is the time when he needs to stay calm and not run around his paddock so that his leg has the best chance to recover as quickly as possible.
And just to make it very clear, this is not a sponsored or gifted post. Both these of products have been purchased by myself.

So those are my two favourite upplements for my horses that I'm currently loving! What about you? Do you have any that you're incredibly pleased with? Let me know in the comments below ⤵️

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