Introducing Feather & Fell

Well 2020 has started off very well! 🎉 With all three horses in work, the days starting to get longer and the competition season starting to get closer, it really does feel like 2020 will be a lot nicer to me than last year was. On top of all of that, I have some very very exciting news to share with you - which you already know if you follow me on Instagram or my blog's Facebook page (and if not, then you've probably guessed for the title of this blog post) but I am SO delighted to share with you that I'm officially a brand ambassador for Feather & Fell! 💚✨ This is a company that suits me down to the ground - country lifestyle gift boxes as well as products for both dogs and horses, and I know you'll love them too! Let me introduce them to you a little bit more.
So Feather & Fell is a small business run by a country couple who saw a gap in the country life market of subscription boxes.  Their aim is to deliver a touch of the country side within a luxury gift style box on a quarterly basis and for the box to be an ideal indulgence for all lovers of the country whether you're a full time farmer, happy hacker, a game keeper or an occasional dog walker. Their products range from practical to very very pretty, also there's something for everyone! You can find out what's inside these boxes by clicking here. And it's not just subscription boxes, there are also gift boxes for us equestrians which I think will be perfect for birthdays or Christmas, or whenever you're in need of a lovely gift! 🎁
And it's not just country life boxes, there is one for the dogs too which is the muddy mutts range 🐾  as well as for horses and some really very exciting clothing for us horsey people. My favourites are the limited luxe range of clothing with the rose gold print - I have both a sweatshirt and t-shirt coming and I cannot wait ✨ If there any products you'd like to see or you have slogan ideas or inspiration let me know and I can pass them along and we can see about turning them into a reality!

 But the BEST thing of all... I have a little discount code to share with you all: ROOSA10 💖 If you buy anything from F&F do let me know on my social media and I'll make sure to share it. Here's to a bloody brilliant 2020!

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