Changes & life update

"Life is about change. Sometimes it's painful. Sometimes it's beautiful. But most of the time, it's both." 

—Lana Lang

Although it may seem crazy to some, at the end of February I moved again - although with the way that the last two years have seemed to be going, it really shouldn't be a surprise to anyone that I decided to move in with my boyfriend and take the dog and my three horses with me 🏡 I have contemplated for the last few months on whether I should just quit blogging entirely, to delete this one and start a new fresh one or to carry on with this one. I came to the conclusion that this blog, like it always has been, is first and foremost my diary of my horsey life. It just so happens to be a publicly available online diary that others can also read, but at its core it remains my diary - and with all of my history on here starting from 2013, it felt wrong to delete this and start again. So I'm carrying on here, because finally I feel like it's the right time to write again.

The move itself it went really well despite having the most horrendous weather ever as the temperature rose nearly five degrees overnight and the snow and ice all melted into a slush that was incredibly slippery and even more annoying to drive in. But we got to the new livery yard safely with no drama, and I am over the moon that the horses are all incredibly settled and happy there from the very beginning. Whilst Melisse and Vallu are both really happy there, it's mind boggling to see how much more chilled Erkki has become. Yes of course there are days that are too much for him (like when it's incredibly windy and the plastic wrapping of the hay bales is flapping in the wind 🚀) but overall I would say he's more calm here than I've ever known him to be, which makes me SO happy.

I think there are several reasons why they're all so happy here: a small yet big enough herd (, the most kind and sensible yard owners who have placed horsemanship as the most important aspect of the yard, as well as the nearly free range amount of great quality hay. Another part is that the horses do all day turn out - so they stay out until 6/7pm. And as the paddocks are built next to the arena, it means that when I'm riding, no one is ever alone. And with horses being herd animals, I believe this has a huge effect on my three.  

So here we go, here's to new adventures! 🎉

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