Personality quiz for horses

This morning I found this amazing website Horse Personality based on Dessa Hockley's book, Is Your Horse a Rock Star? On her website, you answer several questions about your horse, after which you get a chapter that gives an insight into your horse's character. I did this quiz for Vallu and Basse and mum did it as well for Rama and Nelli, and the results are scarily correct! All of the quotes below are extracts from each chapter, and describe each horse perfectly! In our little herd we have a People Pleaser, The Steady Eddy, The Rockstar and The Goddess...

"They are sometimes described as delightfully sensitive, at other times incredibly needy and uncertain"

"Easy to love! They are touchy, cuddly, expressive, cute, lovable and smart. They try so hard but worry so much. You want to wrap them up, take them home and keep them safe."

"Because they are Submissive and Friendly, a lot of their fear is rider directed. They are trying so hard to please, that it comes across as not listening, because they are over-responding and over-reacting."

"They are insecure, so they need a confident, relaxed rider on whom they can rely. If the rider gets nervous, tight or tense, they will respond likewise, getting nervous tight and tense. If left without input, before long their busy minds will send them off in some direction that will take their rider totally by surprise."

Basse aka The Steady Eddy

"Most owners form a deep and lasting relationship with the Steady Eddy. They are friendly and a pleasure to be around. For a person who has a soft personality and who does not constantly like having to be the boss or leader, this horse will be a delight, going along for the rider without a lot of question."

"They make the ideal pleasure mount. They do not require a lot of exercise. In fact, they prefer minimal activity, so they can be left in the field for weeks and still be enjoyable. They do not need to have a job, they are quite happy to 'tootle."

"These horses will try anything for you and will positively glow from compliments and approval."

Rama aka The Goddess

"If a goddess has found a way into your barn, you are lucky. If you wise as well, you will not let him leave. They do not change hands often as they work their way into your heart and stay. You should feel honored to be one of their subjects. They will give back as much as they receive."

"They are emotional and sensitive and yet still confident. They are wonderfully sensible and safe. They aren't inclined to get into trouble with you or with the environment."

"Everything about their demeanor denotes expression - they are talkative, have expressive ears and eyes, active movement, love to touch you, love to show off and act sassy but never in a dominant way, just enough to endear them to you more."

"If you want a horse to love on, then this is your baby. They like to be clean, pretty, pampered, blanketed, groomed and fussed over in any fashion."

Nelli aka The Rockstar

"The Rockstar loves to be in the limelight. They have the cool confidence to pull off feats that would leave most horses quaking in their horseshoes! They love the attention from beginning to end."

"The Rockstar has a strong ego, bordering on cocky but personable and charming enough to endear them to you. The world revolving around them is as it should be. Their feed schedule, their exercise program - they expect you to have that at the top of your to-do list."

"Retirement is hard for this regal horse. They have loved being in service, so find it hard to slow down. Keeping them going as long as possible may be the best."

"If this horse has come into your life, it is time widen your horizons and go play!"

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