Waiting for spring

The weather has take a turn for the better recently, which has resulted in us receiving some sunshine and temperatures above 0℃! The sun has started to melt away some of the snow, exposing land that we haven't seen since the end of last year. This means happy people and happy horses! 
Nelli outside without a rug, enjoying the evening sunshine!
With the warmth and sunshine, improvement in the horses has also arrived. Rama is starting to become stronger with his newly aligned hip, which means that I have been able to start working him a little bit harder, doing more lateral movements, such as shoulder-in and leg yield in trot as well as flying changes and tempi changes! Everything is a little bit rusty, and we are taking it slowly, but it all feels so much better than before.
Rama attacking our apple tree!
Vallu has also become quite chipper, and his leg has started to look much better. Riding consists of him attempting to trot constantly, and if I don't allow him to trot, then he will piaffe! Considering the vet's orders of only allowing him to walk, I'm not having much luck. But at least he is happier than he has been in a long time. Tomorrow our chiropractor Erika is coming to check him out, and hopefully get rid off all of the sore spots in his muscles. Since Vallu was in full training before his holiday, I believe that his muscles are now sore from the lack of training and proper exercise, and this is making him quite stiff. Hopefully he will feel even better after this!
Vallu in his new gear from Fur Feather Meds
I have been on a bit of a training break. As my parents have been on a holiday to USA for a week, I haven't had the time to go to any dressage lessons, since looking after and riding our four horses at home has become a full time job. My next lesson is on 28th with Rama and Karita will be coming to teach us. Hopefully it will go as well as our last lesson!

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