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Recently I went on a bit of a shopping spree at Fur Feather Meds, an online shop where dressage items are the main products, but they are especially dedicated to providing coordinated, matching outfits for the horse and rider! Perfect for a dressage diva!
All the lovely things!
I'm really surprised at how quickly they were delivered! Super speedy delivery considering that the package was sent off on Tuesday and by Friday midday it had arrived at my doorstep! I really wasn't expecting it to be that quick. I also loved the service I received, incredibly friendly, easy going and professional. If anyone ever needs anything, I would recommend Fur Feather Meds anyday!
The item that I actually kind of needed was the Eskadron sheepskin over-reach boots for Vallu in size XL. These will be perfect for shows and going to dressage training or clinics! My first pair of Eskadron sheepskin boots were bought in 2009 for Basse and they are still being used today (albeit a little worn and not in the best condition). This is why I love all of the Eskadron products, because they are well worth your money and last for ages. The sizing is great for those people who have horses with big feet. XL is good for Vallu, who sometimes need XXL or even XXXL sized over-reach boots (from USA!)
Carrying on with my Eskadron crush, I also bought two pairs of Eskadron bandage sets, one in a cream/off white colour and the other in a 'stone' colour (to match with my numnahs!) Again, we have some Eskadron bandages that are more than five or six years old, so they last for a long time! The charcoal set is from the Next Generation Collection, and have a cross next to the velcro. The cream was lighter than I expected, but that's what you get when you shop online. This set will definitely be saved for training sessions, because after one or two uses they will be so dirty.
This is a really handy purchase! The Eskadron bandage bag, that carries up to 3 sets of bandages. It is absolutely perfect for keeping your bandages organized in your tack room or when traveling. Great for keeping those white bandages clean when at competitions. I will take mine with me to England, since it will be useful to only have one bag of bandages instead of three loitering around on the floor. At only £12.00, I think it is definitely worth it!
My absolute favorite purchase was the HV Polo Cornell dressage in charcoal! Drool, I adore this saddle pad! I love HV Polo products anyway, but I think that with the Cornell pad HV Polo have outdone themselves! The amount of detailing is amazing, the bit is an actual one sewn on onto the golden band in the corner. It's also quite big, which I think is great. There's nothing worse than buying a full size dressage saddle pad and it being on the small side, especially when you own a big, wide 17.3 hh horse! This matches perfectly with the Eskadron stone colored bandages, and I can't wait to try this out with our horses!

My last very unneccasary purchase was these spur straps that have two little clear diamantes on them! Very pretty bling bling, made from the finest Italian leather! My old spur straps are in a bad condition which kind of justifies these... 

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