Day off

Thanks to my body failing me and giving me a fever, sore throat, muscle/joint aches and a migraine, Vallu had a day off today... I've learnt to never get on a horse when feeling extremely poorly, or it nearly always ends up badly. There's a difference between a bit of a sniffle and a concoction of illness that make you feel like death warmed up. I only went to one lecture today (out of three) so I got to go see Vallu early in the afternoon.

Although scientifically I can't argue that painkillers don't work, but I swear that seeing your horse and spending time with him works much better than all painkillers combined. Vallu definitely knew that I wasn't feeling good, and proceeded to spend the next hour being a bit of a clown and making me laugh constantly. 

Vallu has finally learnt that I always keep a packet of polos in my grooming kit, and now whenever I leave the stable he proceeds to dig around in the grooming kit trying to find it. 


I'll lean against your head and give you kisses
I love horses ♥

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