Really happy

Vallu's favourite trick to do just when I'm trying to put the bridle on.
 I'm very happy at the moment. Maybe even a bit too happy, and it might just all come crashing down soon! :D Hopefully not, because life is very good and I'm enjoying life. Mainly because Vallu has been very content at his new home, and so I don't have to worry about him at all. 

On Wednesday we went out for our first proper hack, and despite the fact that it was very windy, it went pretty well. Even though Vallu didn't relax at all during the entire hour, he didn't spook at all, and he managed to eat some grass (a sign of him being able to think about something else than the monsters hiding behind the trees and in the bushes) Maybe next time he won't march the entire trip, which would be a little bit more comfortable - my back didn't exactly enjoy sitting to a very quick march that's a mixture of walk, piaffe and tölt.

The bridleway is lovely, it's between fields so the only traffic you encounter are other horses. From the stable it is just a minutes walk on the small road, so getting to the bridle path is not too difficult. At first I was worried that Vallu wouldn't like the cars/vans/lorries that we would meet on the roads, but surprisingly he didn't react at all when 3 cars passed us.

And the spooky/wild Vallu is back! Best news of the week! I'm probably the only person in the entire world who is happy when the horse is spooky, because now I know for sure that Vallu has settled down and starting to feel properly at home. After having a day off yesterday, Vallu nearly managed to get me to fall off three times today. It was so windy, that even my fleece rug wouldn't even stay on properly when I was warming up and cooling down. Vallu is normally okay when it's windy, but apparently he had accumulated  so much energy from yesterday that he was very much in the mood for spooking and galloping off. I must admit, that it is very lovely to have Vallu back, even though most people will consider me crazy for liking a spooky wild horse :)

The sheep next to the outdoor arena

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