New neighbor and riding in the rain...

Autumn has arrived at university!
  It's the small things which make you smile that cheer you up. Simply going to the yard cheers me up, especially when even before I make it out of my car, you see this...
Less bounce
Vallu has been very very good this week (*fingers crossed, long may it last!) We are finally coming to an agreement that riding in the outdoor arena is not the end of the world, and that he won't be eaten alive by scary monsters hiding behind the fencing, in the trees or behind the horse walker...
Wild wild horse ;)
Vallu also got a new neighbor this week, a really lovely horse called Bill Vallu likes him, and is always sniffing him through the bars and trying to go to his door, his new BFF maybe? ;)
New neighbor Bill :D
Riding today was the first time that I've had to ride outside in the rain - how lucky am I that we've been in Nottingham for nearly 2 months and this is the first time that this has happened!! Thank god the indoor arena is normally available because I don't think I could last the entire winter being soaked through within fifteen minutes of riding, and then freezing for the next 2 hours during which you spend all your time cleaning and drying your horse, your tack and yourself!
Rainy ride

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