Sunday night ride

Due to Vallu having both of his hind shoes a bit slipped I only rode him lightly tonight, but boy was he good!! :) Not good as in well behaved, but good as we had a great time, with Vallu having the time of his life doing big posh dressage trot and canter, trying to show off to the other horses being exercised at the same time, and then showing off to dad later on. It's so fun to ride when you can feel your horse having fun too.

Hopefully the farrier will come soon to fix those shoes so that we can train properly this week, because we have to be prepared for our next Monday lesson with Andrew Fletcher! I'm so excited to got to a lesson, although I'm a bit worried that my brain might not cope with having a lesson in English since I'm used to being taught in Finnish! ;) 

And look what I got as a gift from China! How amazing is that?!? Now my uni notice board is perfect.
From left to right: Vallu, Basse and then maybe my future new horse? ;)

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