Weekend fun!

My attempt of getting Vallu to relax whilst going out for a hack is working! On Saturday I took him for a walk down the bridle path and this time there was only one big spook after which we could continue our walk instead of having to turn back towards the yard. Yayyyy, I love it when I make progress with Vallu.

I do feel slightly funny taking Vallu to the bridle path in a lunge line instead of riding him, but I feel much more confident on the ground instead of clinging on for dear life. Even though I feel like I'm taking my dog out for a walk ;) V is just a very very big dog. 

On Sunday we had a very late night ride, after the dressage competition had finished. It ended up being so late that once I had finished grooming Vallu and putting all of my stuff away, I was the last person at the stables! Time flies when you're having fun :) It was great to ride properly, not rushing at all. Vallu was really fun to ride once again, I can't wait for our next lesson with Andrew, hopefully he'll see the  improvement as well.
Cute face :')

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