Teeth fixed!

Finally the time had come for Vallu's teeth to be done again so that finally everything could be sorted out and we can start training again! The lovely dentist and vet came yesterday and worked so well together to get Vallu to relax so that the dentist could get the work done whilst at the same time Vallu would have the best possible experience. Even a fully sedated Vallu didn't want to have the machine in his mouth, but in the end he managed to relax enough for it to work out well, and Vallu was super brave and well behaved. 
Vallu really didn't like the blue headstand
The best part of the day was after everything was done and Vallu was starting to wake up from the sedation. Since he's by nature a very cuddly horse, when he's waking up from the sedation he is super duper cuddly and it meant that I got to spend an hour just hugging and cuddling him! ♥ 
Poor tired baby

Fun times! He doesn't let anyone do this to him normally
I had a lot of fun taking photos of Vallu and now my phone has at least 50 basically the same photos of him... My friends also received about ten snapchats of him, the one below is the agreed upon favourite! 
Yesterday he obviously had a day off, and today he gets lightly lunged and we'll see how it goes and how Vallu is feeling through the weekend, and then possibly we can start riding properly again next week! The next Andrew Fletcher clinic is 6th March, which is such a long way away, but we'll have to start properly training again once Vallu is back to normal so that we won't embarrass ourselves in the lesson. I'm so happy that everything is now fixed, and hopefully nothing else will go wrong for a while!!! *fingers crossed*

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