Vallu 08.02.2014

I absolutely adore my friends, who came out on Saturday afternoon when it was very very cold and very very windy to meet Vallu and the rest of the horses! Hannah managed to take some lovely photos, of which I've post a few below ;) 
Will you be a good boy today?
It really was super windy yesterday and because there was so much going on at the stables (unaffiliated dressage competition and BD squad training) I didn't want to risk a wild Vallu in the warm-up so I put draw reins on. Afterwards I realised that I really didn't need them, Vallu was such a good boy. I'm gonna have to start just going out to ride in difficult conditions without draw reins and trust Vallu, for the last week he's been so good and not spooky, fingers crossed this is the start of him being a proper schoolmaster? ;)

LET'S GO!!!!
Leg yielding towards the wind


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