Teeth update

Vallu had his teeth checked out on Tuesday and got some work done. He was such a brave boy, the dentist was a total professional and very chilled out, there aren't a lot of men that can get Vallu to visibly relax in under 5 minutes.
As it's been a while since Vallu had his teeth last done, there was a lot of growth and the dentist did as much as he could without any sedation, but we couldn't get right to end as Vallu started getting very nervous. So we've decided to re-book for the dentist to come back in two weeks so that the vet will be there to sedate him beforehand.
What his back teeth look like now..
How they should look like, and will look like after the next treatment
Vallu has been in a great mood this week, even though we have had limited time riding, it's been very  nice and easy! Even riding in the outdoor arena has been surprisingly relaxing, which is great as it's allowed my back to start getting better!! Yay! Hopefully after the second dentist visit I can book us in for our next lesson, I still haven't given up hope on our competition debut being in April. Here's hoping that February goes better than January...

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