Stuck in a rut...

I try to keep this blog positive, even though there's always something to moan about and I really don't want to, but not having a post that explains what's going with us at the moment means that I won't be able to blog at all..
So last Saturday we got stuck in the thunder-lightning-hail storm which resulted in Vallu losing a shoe and me really hurting my back, it's now been nearly been a week and I'm still on painkillers. Otherwise we managed to escape from a very scary situation without any major problems.  But then... Vallu got his shoes done on Tuesday and managed to freak out during the shoeing, so that he managed to push to farrier over onto the ground (farrier is luckily okay!) and then step on the shoe so that the clip went into his hoof = blood and one very sore foot... 

Riding in the outdoor arena on Tuesday was just us walking because I didn't want to make Vallu work with a sore hoof and with my bad back it's not the most enjoyable feeling. A bruised hoof and a bruised back means that we're not the best combination at the moment :D Luckily the hoof is looking good and today I rode properly in the indoor school and he was moving fine! So maybe we might get through this with just a scare.
On Thursday we have the dentist coming, and since it's been such a long time since Vallu's teeth were checked (I know, very bad horse owner) I'm pretty sure that will mean a couple of days off for Vallu to recuperate. Because of this, I've decided to cancel my lessons and test riding clinics for this month, and just try to get us back to normal. Hopefully by the end of the month everything will be back to normal, we'll both be feeling better and we can go to the lessons and hopefully then starting competing...
Can your horse be your best friend as well? Vallu is good at posing!
Dry pony before the ill-fated hack out on Saturday
Night time walk on Sunday with Casperlee ♥ 

Good pony today!
If everyone wants to send us positive vibes, that would be great!

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