This week in pictures

As this week was my second week of exams, I don't have anything to properly write about, but I did want to share with you all pictures from this week! :) Vallu has had a pretty easy week, only one proper riding/training session during the week when I didn't have an exam and then the rest of the days he's been on the walker, lightly ridden or lunged or hacked out. I think he might think that he's retired now ;)
Foxy "gimme sweets"
Aspen "gimme sweets too!!"

Evening walk during the sunset

Cutiepie ♥
Our week didn't end very well, on Saturday we went out for a hack, and after getting about 100 yards from the gates of the stables, we got stuck in a hail/thunder/lightning storm which was pretty petrifying. I won't go into the details of how scary it was, I am just super proud of Vallu for being so brave and getting us back to stables in nearly one piece - he lost a shoe and my back is killing me. But still, he was a Super Horse. Never again am I trusting the British weather, if there is even one dark(ish) cloud in the sky I'll refuse to go out. 

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