Awful timing: dressage vs exams

After my previous post 2014 goals I have now properly caught the competition bug again... All I want to do is buy myself a new competition jacket and white breeches, learn the movements and tests, and enter competitions when really I should be revising for my five politics exams, coming up in less than 2 weeks. Talk about bad timing?! Luckily one subject is already revised and done, so only four more to go.

Vallu has obviously enjoyed his Christmas break, and I owe a big thanks to Hollie and Daisy who kept him ticking over and very happy over my winter holiday. Super massive thank you to Hollie who dutifully gave Vallu his daily apples and sugar lumps, and his Uncle Jimmys lickit on Christmas Day. During the 12 days that I was away Vallu was hacked out several times and ridden properly as well just to give his brain a workout too ;) I now have a very happy and healthy horse, ready and waiting for spring and the competitions to arrive!

Fat pony still on a diet, but looking better already!
I'm very much looking forward to my Andrew Fletcher lesson next Monday, hopefully we will get another fantastic lesson. In preparation for it, the last two days I've been working on the same exercises as we did during the last lesson (you can read the recap of that here!) So lots of trying (and sometimes successful  3 tempi changes down the long side, as well as walk and canter pirouettes. My warm up with Vallu now consists of doing walk, trot and canter and going down the long side a few meters inside the track in order to make sure that he is totally straight (body and neck) and to make sure that he is listening to both my legs. And Vallu has been super good, I'm really happy with the way he is going :) 

New Christmas present rug
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