Hope Valley Saddlery delivery and fun with Vallu

I love January sales, especially equestrian sales! Since I got so much horsey stuff for Christmas, I haven't found anything super special or exciting that I could claim to need, but Hope Valley Saddlery had an amazing deal on horse rugs, and we ended up buying two 150g Amigo Mio stable rugs for £40!! The normal price for one rug is £40, so it's like we got one for free! With 4 horses, these rugs get used a lot (spring and autumn) and so it was a good purchase. Hope Valley Saddlery has super speedy service, I ordered the rugs and Friday 3rd and they were delivery on Monday 6th morning?!

Vallu had the physio come and look at him on Tuesday, and after doing lots of work opening up the tight spots in his back and neck, she recommended a day off, then two lunge days and light riding for the weekend before starting training again next week. So I've been having lots of stress free time with Vallu, and one day when I decided to lunge him over some poles. You can see from the video below how much fun Vallu was having ;)

And we can proper lunging too! ;)

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