I've spent this weekend in Finland having a moment of calm before the big move back here. It really has been lovely to see all the horses, who are all looking great! I got to ride Rama on Saturday, and he was amazing - everything was easy like usual with him. I also got to see nearly all of our horsey friends, and it was great to catch up with everyone. 
Baby B selfie ♥
My friends have been bombarded with tons snapchats of our dogs. I can't believe how I've managed to not live with them for so long, I love them so much. Toivo is such good boy, he follows you all the time and never leaves your side when you're outside. Niilo isn't so good ;) he nearly always goes off on an adventure and ends up giving you a heart attack every ten minutes when you can't find him...
Tired stable cat ;)
I'm now off to pack and get myself to the airport, I'm flying back to Heathrow today and should be back in Nottingham in the evening! I'm super excited to see Vallu tomorrow, he's been such a good boy apparently, and I bet he has loved his little mini-holiday :)

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