Vallu on the way to Germany!

Vallu has just left the yard with John Parker International. He's going down south with them tonight, resting at their stables overnight, having a vet check early in the morning tomorrow and travelling from then on so that he should be in Krefeld, Germany on Thursday midday/afternoon.
Vallu was picked up at 4pm, so Vallu was able to have a completely normal day before leaving. He got to go on the walker, and I also got to lunge him in the afternoon. He looked very relaxed, and I really hope he stays like this throughout the trip which would mean he would be in good shape when he arrives back in Finland.

I really want to say how I happy am with how utterly lovely the driver who collected him was, I'm sure he will be very well looked after. I can't wait to see him in Germany on Thursday!

On the lorry ♥

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